Macclesfield Contemporary Enemble
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Macclesfield Contemporary Ensemble
Macclesfield Contemporary Ensemble is the newest member of the KEMS family. Following a workshop exploring ‘In C’ by Terry Riley (led by orchestral director Tony Houghton), the KEMS Minimalists group was formed. This group, now renamed Macclesfield Contemporary Ensemble, has branched out into exploring other small-scale contemporary and experimental music which requires flexible instrumentation and varying numbers of performers.
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Macclesfield Contemporary Ensemble Coordinator Lorna Green looks back on the 2020-21 season

Last time Macclesfield Contemporary Ensemble was in with the CoMA Contemporary Festival in March 2020.

Our first meeting since then was on June 20th 2021 at St Peter’s. This was excellent and we decided that In C was the best we have ever played it.  We followed with a new graphic piece and some old favourites.

It was a very different experience – with no socialising and no cake!

Next season we hope it will be almost normal – with sessions end September, end November, end January, end March, end May, and maybe July. No decisions have been taken – whether we continue in my house as we have done since the beginning in 2013 or use a more formal setting such as St Peter’s.