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Sound Scape
at The Lowry, Salford 
Sunday, 7th October 2018

KEMS Contemporary
Conductor: Julia Harding

Sound Scape is an art-in-nature installation by sculptor Lorna Green with music by Julia Harding.
It presents an ever-changing landscape of sound as the musicians (and audience) move round nine sculptures representing natural objects.

Sound Scape was performed in the Promenade Gallery, with photos and information about L S Lowry (1887-1976) who drew and painted the area where he lived.

The performance was extremely well received by visitors to the galleries and the theatre as well as those who came specially to hear it. This was the fifth performance of Sound Scape and each has been completely different.

Sound Scape was inspired by the Minimalist movement of the 1960s and the players move round the grid of sculptures following instructions which allow them freedom to choose the order within the grid (see graphic below). Each player carries a metronome set at 84 bpm so they are playing at the same tempo.
Photos by Tamara Kormornick
Sound Scape was awarded an a-n
Professional Development Bursary in 2016. 
A complete performance of Sound Scape lasts 40-45 minutes.
The short extract below shows players playing their various parts and moving around the area. This continues until they get towards the end.
This extract shows the end when performers have finished playing and slowly drop out. The last player is unknown beforehand and all performances therefore have an unpredictable ending.
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