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Some Concert Band highlights
KEMS Concert Band

KEMS Concert Band was formed in 2005 and its membership continues to grow under the popular leadership of Julia Harding.

 We play a broad range of light music: film scores, musicals, classical, jazz and swing, and band classics such as Sousa marches.  We perform in local churches, village and community halls, shopping centres and, weather permitting, bandstands.
Joining KEMS Concert Band
KEMS Concert Band is a community wind band whose members range in age from late teens to 70+. We always welcomes enquiries from prospective players; in the first instance, please e-mail us brief details of your playing experience.

At the present time, we have a particular need for drum kit/percussion, euphonium, trombone, bassoon and  French horn. Contact Richard Moss (01477 533764) if you would like to know more.
A highlight of 2017 was our performance with the other KEMS sections in the KEMS 60th Jubilee concert at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Another consistent highlight of our year is our regular appearance with KEMS Choir at the carol concert in the Stable Yard at Tatton Park, accompanying hundreds of people and raising hundreds of pounds for charity. In 2017, this will take place on Saturday 23rd December

The Band likes to try different venues and formats. In 2017 we performed at Cheadle Royal shopping centre for the first time and will be returning in December for a seasonal concert. In previous years, we have performed in a quarry, accompanied a ghost walk round Macclesfield and performed with an alphorn duo.  

We also enjoy performing with other musical ensembles; these have included both adult and school choirs, and a recorder group.

We have established a biennial touring schedule, with over 40 members and partners taking part in tours to Belgium and France, with a return to Belgium happening in August 2017.

Well that was it! Just over a year after the journey started, we were delighted to perform Martian Saloon, the piece Christopher Schlechte-Bond wrote for KEMS Concert Band under the Adopt-a-Composer scheme, to a near capacity audience at Brown Edge Village Hall, Staffordshire.

The struggle for audiences seems to be a fact of life for many amateur music groups, even with all the useful advice offered by Making Music. However, we were determined that Chris’s première should take place in front of a good audience, so we decided to return to a venue that had given us good support 18 months or so ago; Brown Edge, a village just outside Stoke-on-Trent.  

Our band has good connections there through the Mansfield family (4 of whom played in the band on the day), so we were optimistic about being able to sell a good proportion of the 150 seats the hall will hold. We also invited the Mini Glee Choir from the adjacent St. Anne’s School to take part, hoping to draw in some proud parents. Happily, it was just about standing room only on the day.

Chris had been up to see us 10 days earlier to give us some final pointers and coaching, and brought a couple of friends on the day to stiffen our percussion section (Chris S-B also helped out) and add a euphonium (thanks Phoebe Garratt and Chris Ford), and the final two run throughs had gone really well.

We had themed the concert “Out of This World” to link with the new piece, and the first half consisted of concert band staples such as Phantom of the Opera, Wizard of Oz and the children and band performing some Mary Poppins.  All very conventional - looking at the preponderance of grey hair in the audience, we did wonder how Chris’s piece, with its whistling, chanting and whispering, as well as playing, would go down in the second half.

It is fair to say that our concert performance didn’t reach the heights of the rehearsals – how often is that the case with amateur groups? – but the audience seemed to enjoy it.  We finished off with a bit of Grieg and some Benny Goodman.  Chris professed to be happy; what would the audience feedback be?

We need not have worried; Martian Saloon was well received “atmospheric, eerie, exciting” were just some of the words used, and within a week, the request had already come in to book us for next year.

So our 12 month journey had come to an end. The band were stretched and challenged, but I would like to think we acquitted ourselves well.  We also learnt about the development of a new work and it was great to have the composer’s insights.  We hope Chris also enjoyed and learnt from the experience and wish him every success in his musical career.  

Thanks to all at Making Music for making this possible and to BBC Radio 3 for coming along and recording our performance. It will be great to be able to listen to our playing.

The Adopt a Composer scheme is run by Making Music in partnership with Sound and Music and in association with BBC Radio3. It is funded by PRS for Music Foundation and the Philip and Dorothy Green Music Trust.
01477 533764
Music Dir
01625 617154
Concerts Mgr
07833 300395
You can contact the band committee either by email (click on the name) or by phone. Normally, we would expect the Secretary to be your first point of contact.

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